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Counselling / Social Assistance


Coping with the lost of a loved one or dear friend may be difficult and at times, very challenging. Confiding with relatives, close friends and support groups will help in coping with the aftermath of grief and loss. At the same time, it is good to always remember that you are not alone.

The family can seek confidential advice and support from the following welfare organizations, which are focal points in our community for promoting the well-being of families and individuals. Their services are free-of-charge and confidential:

  1. Family Service Centres (FSCs)
    Contact the nearest FSC or call ComCare Call at 1800 222 0000.
  2. Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
    Call SOS helpline at 1800 221 4444 (24-hour toll free line).
  3. Care Corner Mandarin Counselling Centre
    Call hotline at 1800 353 5800 (10am to 10pm daily) to speak to counsellors in Mandarin.
  4. Child Bereavement Support (Singapore)
    A support group for bereaved parents. Visit their website at or email to for further details.

For further details on professional counselling and support groups, please visit the website at

The above information is accurate at the time of publishing.

Social Assistance

Social assistance through governmental schemes is available through Community Development Councils (CDCs). These range from home ownership, rent and utilities assistance, education schemes, and financial aids to child care and work related issues.

More information can be found at several regional CDC (Central, North East, North West, South East and South West) locations.

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