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For an additional peace of mind, more and more people are choosing to pre-plan their affordable funeral services arrangement with Singapore Casket. Pre-planning has been found to be particularly useful for those who do not have an immediate next-of-kin, or for those who may want to help ease the burden of funeral expenses from their family. With this in mind, Singapore Casket provides a holistic pre-planning service.

Reasons to pre-plan a funeral or pre funeral arrangements and write a will:

  • Puts you in control of the arrangement and ensures that your wishes will be known and carried out (Eg. Choice of religion rites and asset distribution).
  • Allows you to set aside the funds for the funeral expenses and relieve your family of financial burden
  • Relieve your family of making funeral arrangement at a time of emotional stress.

Singapore Casket partners with a reputable trustee company to provide advice on will-writing and estate administration to carry out asset distribution.

Services include:

  • Executor & trustee appointment for Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration to carry out assets distribution.
  • Will-writing and Lasting Power of Attorney Application
  • Trust set up and administration
  • Corporate services (corporate secretarial, onshore, offshore and administrative needs)
  • Insurance claims
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