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June 11, 2021

How A Funeral Director Can Help You Plan A Funeral Service


Preparing for a funeral service can get complicated and can get rather costly and time-consuming if you were to plan it yourself.

A funeral director’s job goes beyond just simply arranging the burial, cremation, and casket selection. They are professionals who are empathetic and will ensure every aspect of a funeral goes as planned, especially during this difficult emotional period of grief.

From assisting families during a loved one’s passing to coordinating a funeral wake and procession, we’ll take you through the benefits of hiring a funeral director and how they can help plan a funeral service.

They help liaise with families & fulfill the wishes of their loved one

During this difficult time, funeral directors help to bring together family members to plan the funeral service in accordance with the wishes of their loved one who just passed.

This includes creating highly personalized funerals to celebrate the life of the loved one, this includes ensuring the funeral is planned according to the required religious needs and ceremonies.

They assist families with the selection of the funeral casket

Selecting a funeral casket is not as straightforward as it seems. Unlike cremation urns, caskets for burials can easily cost thousands of dollars.

A funeral director will help families with their budget and balance it with the religious requirements and the cemetery restrictions.

He or she will help to select the right materials as well as the casket size to ensure a dignified casket that will serve both during the wake and during the burial itself.



They help plan the process & logistics of the funeral arrangement

Most families are at a loss when the unforeseen happens, especially if the loved one’s funeral has not been pre-planned.

A funeral director will help families in arranging the logistics of the funeral, this includes:

  • Transfering the loved one to the funeral parlour
  • Liaising with the cemetery or crematoria of your choice for the final resting place
  • Arrangement with religious figures such as Catholic priests or monks
  • Booking the location of the funeral wake (from HDB void deck to private spaces)
  • Advising on the day and time of the wake and funeral service
  • Setting up of the tentage funeral
  • Setting up the viewing of the loved one
  • Organizing the dressing, floral arrangements and assisting with the written eulogy

In addition, a funeral director assists families to personalise the funeral in a way that respects and celebrates the life of their loved one, making the funeral wake a memorable, dignified, and heartfelt event.

They help manage the flow of the funeral wake & coordination after

The funeral director’s assistance doesn’t just stop at giving advice or making arrangements, they also help the family throughout the funeral wake all the way to the burial.

Funeral directors help to direct and conduct the funeral services in a professional and compassionate manner, helping family members to focus on remembering their loved one better.

From conducting religious prayers to the casket viewing of the deceased, the funeral director will ensure visitors go through the process of paying their final respects in an orderly manner. 

After the wake, the funeral director will help with coordinating the funeral procession, which includes arranging the hearse, to the chosen cemetery or another final resting place.



Singapore Casket: Your Trusted Funeral Directors

Funeral directors are more than just professionals that provide sound advice, they help families arrange every aspect of the funeral, allowing family members to have a peace of mind and focus on remembering their loved one.

At Singapore casket, we provide families with compassionate funeral directors to guide them every step of the way.

This includes every service such as tentage, hearses and transportation, photography and videography, obituary and photo enlargement services, embalming and make-up, memorial gemstones, and homeland and repatriation services to give your loved one a dignified burial and send-off.

With Singapore Casket, you are in good hands, and can trust us to provide you with the highest quality of service delivered with utmost professionalism.

To view our casket selection or find out more about our services, get in touch with us today at 6293 4388.

You can also browse our full range of services here.

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