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Singapore Casket Company Pte Ltd founded by the late Mr John Hochstadt.


Company acquired its own premises at 131 Lavender Street.


Sent local staff Guy Webb to London, United Kingdom, to study embalming at the British Institute of Embalmers, who then became Singapore’s first qualified embalmer.


Extension from a two-storeyed to six-storeyed building, housing a specially designed embalming theatre, air-conditioned and comfortable parlours, a customer service reception and a showroom.


Acquired by InvoCare Limited (public-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange), with name and prestige retained as Singapore Casket


First to launch a free “” online memorial for families to pay tribute to their loved ones anytime, anywhere.


First to foresee the need and demand of Internet connectivity, and therefore first in Singapore to install WIFI access in our parlours.


Step up in community service through an alliance with the Lions Club on “Save For Sight” project, in which used spectacles are collected and distributed for re-use in Third World countries.

Continued alliance with Lions Club to collect used and recyclable items for deprived families.

Singapore Casket awarded “2010 Successful Entrepreneur – Platinum Category” by GRC Press Holdings.

Successfully tendered for Mount Vernon Parlour 1 & 2.


Renovated Lavender Street’s parlours with full facilities such as Air-Cond, Wi-fi, Plasma TV, audio system, hot beverage dispenser and etc.

Hong Kong Authority site visit.


Launched Pre-Planning and Pre-Funeral Arrangement to carry out the wishes and to lighten the financial burden.

Partnered with a reputable trustee to provide advice on Will Writing and estate administration.

Co-sponsor of Life Matters organized by Singapore Press Holdings and donated 3 Art Coffins designed by winners to charities.

Japan funeral director association site visit.


Collaboration with SG Gives, launch online donation drive through heavenaddress online portal.

Attained bizSAFE 3 certification.

Organised 1st Enlightenment Ceremony 2013 at Mount Vernon Parlour.

Main sponsor of Life Matters organized by Singapore Press Holdings and donated 3 Art Coffins designed by winners to charities.


added in 20 more charities in the donation list through heavenaddress.

introduced new technology, transforming human ashes into eternity gem stones as memorial keepsake of our loved one.

Organised 2nd Enlightenment Ceremony 2014 at Mount Vernon Parlour.

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Organised 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Enlightenment Ceremony at Mount Vernon Parlour.


Participate in the 12th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference Organized by Singapore Hospice Council Asia Pacific and the Hospice Palliative Care Network.

Major renovation on Lavender Street’s parlours


Collaboration with Community Chest, launch online donation drive through heavenaddress online portal.

Lavender Street’s Parlours re-opened in May with state-of-the-art designs with the focus on customers’ comfort and convenience

Organised 6th Enlightenment Ceremony 2018 at Mount Vernon Parlour.