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Death Registration

A. When to Register

The law requires all deaths (regardless of citizenship) occurring in Singapore to be registered within 24 hours of occurrence.

B. Documents Required
  • Certificate of Cause of Death issued by doctors or Authorised Officers (i.e. Forensic Death Investigators) from the Ministry of Health
  • Deceased’s identification documents (e.g. IC & Passport) for cancellation
  • Informant’s identification documents (e.g. IC or Passport)
C. Fees

Free of charge.

D. Processing Time
  1. 45 minutes at Neighbourhood Police Centres/Posts
  2. 30 minutes at Citizen Services Centre, ICA Building
E. Procedure

To register a death:

  • The informant must produce the Certificate of Cause of Death and other supporting documents (e.g. the deceased’s NRIC, passport or citizenship certificate).
  • After documents produced are verified, the Registration Officer will print the Death Certificate.
  • The informant must verify the particulars on the Death Certificate and sign the Death Certificate.
  • The Death Certificate is issued.

More information on Death Registration is available here.

Depending on where the death occurred, the following section lists the steps to take to register a death.