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Fineness Keepsake Jewellery of Eternity & Memorial Gemstones Services

Ever thought of conserving the memories of a lost loved one forever? By dealing with the loss of a loved one that needs many spaces and times to get back, and it has never been easy at all. At the Singapore Casket, we put in an extra sense of attentiveness, understanding and assist to turning your loved one or the family loved one’s ashes into a glistening Memento gemstone which provides an excellent way to build the lasting connection with you, or the family loved ones. It also helps create the abundant of unforgettable remembrance, and sweet memories with you or the family’s loved one. And it is an admirable way and eternal connection between you or the family member with your loved ones or the family’s loved ones. And it is also known as three ways of burial and cremation gemstones.

Our memento gemstones are the first collection and first-ever an art piece that connects you or the family members with your loved one or their loved ones. Our gemstone’s sparkles may brighten you or the family hearts by filling the warmth and priceless memories for you or them.

Indeed, every piece of dazzling memento gemstone speaks for itself and brings the lasting love or memorial bonding between the family members and the cherished loved one that is priceless.

Our memento gemstone can be one of the favourite pieces of jewellery or gemstone when sitting inside the jewellery cabinets, or it can be the most valued wearables for wearing.

Do remember to contact our professional and dedicated 24/7 funeral advisors, and they can provide more information to you or your family members.

Browse through our extraordinary Memorial Memento Gem Stone to suit you or the family’s needs and preferences.


QHow much ash is needed to transform into ashes gem? 

A:We need at least 15 grams of ashes, different models will be varied.


Q : Can you turn all the cremated ashes into ashes gems?

A : We can do the transforming of the full body cremated ashes into a ashes gemstones. 


QWhat will be the colour of the ashes gem ?

A:We prefer the natural color of the ashes gems, they appear in white, grey or green, in a few cases it happens to be dark colour. Color variation is normal due to the composition of elements in the cremated ashes.


QHow does the production work?

A:Our specialist begin by purify the cremated ashes by removing various substances with our unique technology. We then homogenize the ashes with our biogenic ingredients and fuse them at the temperature over 800°C into ashes gem.


QWhat should I do if the ashes gem is damaged?

A:Our customer service team will assess the damage and provide a solution for each case.


Q: How long does it take to transform ashes to Gem Stone?

A: It takes about 60-90 working days to transform ashes to Gem Stone.