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Parlour Hall Services

Singapore Casket has 12 newly renovated air-conditioned funeral parlours which are available 24 hours for bereaved families to hold funeral wakes in a solemn setting. All our funeral parlours halls are specially designed with the aims of the bereaved families comforts and convenience with 24 hours stand-by our professional staff to serve them.

Asides, our Funeral Parlours are specially designed for families’ and well-equipped with a full range of facilities and amenities to support to meet bereaved families’ needs allowing them to offer the right level of solemnity and provide privacy suitable for the moment. E.g. free Wi-fi internet access, safe box deposit (condolence box), massage chair services, TV, sound system and hot beverages machines and etc. Our fully air-conditioned and spacious spaces can accommodate 15 – 250 guests.

As bereaved family members, guests and friends can say their last words or emotional goodbye and pay their last respects at the conducive environment, regardless of the religious theme that is wished for by the family or the loved ones, our funeral parlours and funeral services can support the rituals of traditional customs and set a fitting tone for the proceeding.

As a full-fledged funeral provider in Singapore, Singapore Casket also able to holding the funeral wake at others funeral parlours or churches parlours in island wide. We understand our significant and essential role in supporting bereaved family members in the time of bereavement and providing the utmost professionalism and care to assure the funeral services are handled well in a graceful way.

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