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Tentage Funeral

We provide a comprehensive funeral tentage services of any HDB void deck, landed property or open space with various set-ups according to different religious faiths. We also provide and supports air-conditioned tentage with big digital format screens and a large scale tentage set-up service, rental of different types of mobiles toilets, tables and chairs, floral arrangements and wreaths, customized funeral decorations, catering services with a vast of food for selections with the choice of buffet style or on-site cooking.

We have a provision of different modern class hearse available for customization to suit you or the bereaved family’s options and budget. Besides, we also aim to provide the best funeral packages by tailors and custom-made to suit the bereaved family’s needs and their respective cultural and religious background to arrange the funeral for their loved ones.

Let us provide you with our utmost one-stop funeral services arrangement and offer our best cost-effective or tailored funeral service packages of tentages to serve your needs and budgets or bereaved family. We assure you or the bereaved families a dignified before and after departure for your loved ones regardless of different religion or races.

At Singapore Casket, all our tentages set-up and services are specially-designed, focusing on the bereaved family’s comfort and convenience with the 24 hours services from our professional and dedicated staff. Our objectives are to provide you with earnest funeral services and arrangements that allow guests or family members and friends to pay respects to their loved ones. We do so by taking all their burden and funeral-related hassle away from the bereaved families and providing one-stop solution on handle logistics that set the bereaved families at ease.

Please feel free to call at any time at (65) 6293 4388 and we are here to support and assist you.