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Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Pre-Funeral Planning & Will Writing

Our Pre-Funeral Planning And Will Writing Services:

Pre- funeral planning arrangement is never easy for anyone or family to plan for it, and now it is becomes common in Singapore for the family to do the pre-funeral planning. Thus, it is an option for the family member to consider for planning their loved ones on the funeral arrangement. It is like making a Will, representing the last testament to the family and executing their loved one Wishlist.
Likewise, a pre-funeral planning arrangement is also useful for peoples who are still singles and do not have any immediate next-to kin. Essentially, the pre-funeral planning is another approach way to demonstrate their responsible and appreciate to care for their loved ones.

Here are our Pre-funeral Planning Services:

  • Puts them in control of the arrangement and ensures that their wishes will be known & carried out. (E.g. Choice of Religion Rites & Asset Distribution)
  • Allows them to set the funds for the funeral expenses and relieve their families of financial burden.
  • Relieve their families of making funeral arrangements at a time of emotional stress.


Hence, Singapore Casket partners with a reputable trustee company to provide advice on will-writing and estate administration to carry out asset distribution.

Our Will Planning Services Includes:

  • Executor & trustee appointment for Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration to carry out asset’s distribution.
  • Will-Writing & Lasting Power of Attorney Application
  • Trust set up and administration
  • Corporate Services (Corporate Secretarial, Onshore, Offshore and administrative needs).
  • Insurance Claims

At Singapore Casket, we completely understand that it is one of the challenging things to do in life by planning the wills for the family loved ones or the corporates advice on the will writing. That’s why we partner with a list of well-establish trustee companies to provide professional advice on will planning and writing.

Our Corporate Will Planning and Writing Services, which includes:

  • Corporate Services (Corporate Secretarial, Onshore, Offshore, and Administrative Needs)

  • Insurance Claim Matters

  • The executor and trustee appointment for Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration to execute asset distribution.

  • Trust set up administration

  • Will Writing and Lasting Power of Attorney Application

Let our professional & dedicated advisors to assist you or the family members with all the necessary arrangement on the will writing or pre-funeral planning services, and we want the family to have a peace of mind. Get in touch with us today at +65 6293 4388 for more information.