An active aging and reality of life exhibition was sponsored by Singapore Casket.

At this event, Singapore Casket sponsored the following activities:

Singapore Casket sponsored for the Coffin Art and Photography Competition with cash awards.

Following were the winners of the competition.

The designs of the Coffin Art Competition were printed on the coffins which were donated to charity organizations for good cause.

Market Survey Lucky Draw Winners

  1. Lim Sian Ching (NRIC: SXXXX542D)
  2. Boh Woon Koon (NRIC: SXXXX127G)

Pre-Planning Lucky Draw Winners

  1. Ong Seng Choo (NRIC: SXXXX732D)
  2. Wah Boh Keng (NRIC: SXXXX428I)
  3. Tay Sin Hoon (NRIC: SXXXX927E)

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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